Campaign Chairman

A Message From Our Campaign Chair

I knew instantly when I entered Mary Cariola Children's Center for the first time, that it's a special place. I wanted to be involved—to lend whatever expertise I could to promote its growth and vision—a vision that will come to life through the We Will Shine campaign.

What makes Mary Cariola Children's Center such a great place? It's the exceptional children and youth who participate in the programs and services, and the outstanding dedication of the highly trained educators, therapists, aides and community service team members. They accomplish miracles, but do so with very limited resources. I want to help make necessary changes that will make a world of difference for the students, residents, families and staff alike.

Mary Cariola is piloting an innovative therapeutic residential model that they believe will help families in crisis. We just need to give them the best tools and access to the latest in technology to do so. With your support, we can ensure that every child has the resources they need to fulfill their life long potential.

William L. Mack