What is the difference between "we can" and "we will"?

Often it's you—and your support. We Will Shine, the Campaign for Mary Cariola Children's Center, was created to help ensure the success of the children that are in our classrooms, residences and community services—and always part of our story of success.

our priorities for We Will Shine

You can see our priorities as soon as you walk in the door at Mary Cariola. They are everywhere—with smiling faces and eager hearts. Our children always have been, and always will be, our priority. But by looking around, you can also see our need—in facilities and equipment that are simply not sufficient to serve our population. And for every visible need, there is more that isn't as evident or obvious.

Bricks and Mortar

For two decades, state-run residences have been downsizing in favor of placing individuals with disabilities in community-run programs. As a result, many children are waiting for a place to live. With more than 2,000 individuals on the New York State waiting list, $2.7 million will renovate our current residences and build additional housing.


The level of dedication and attentiveness required when caring for a child with severe behavioral issues at home can be demanding. The innovative model to be offered in our residential Respite and Therapeutic Respite programs can substantially decrease, or even eliminate, these disruptive behaviors and help families in crisis. $400,000 will add two new respite bedrooms.


Every day, more than 400 students from more than 40 school districts attend school at Mary Cariola. Each child learns in unique ways and it is up to us to figure out how to unlock each student’s potential. $1.4 million will provide additional technology enhancements for learning and specialized equipment that in turn will help each learner reach levels most thought were impossible.


To ensure that we will always be able to provide the educational and residential programs that our students deserve, and the staff development programs to meet the needs of the next generation of children with medical and developmental disorders, $500,000 will endow our future.